Ethanol Proof Fuel lines


I have had a thorough chat with Andy Luckman at Classic Microcars

He sells Cohline Biohose which is claimed to be 100% ethanol proof in 6mm,8mm and 12mm internal diameter.12 mm is needed from the tank to the pump.

Andy is aware of several Scimitars that have recently gone on fire due to burst fuel pipes.I had to replace the short fuel pump to filter hose for the second time with BS standard supposedly

Ethanol proof hose the night before Sywell and the previous BS hose had only lasted 6 years.

Andy said that It is now original equipment on Mercedes, BMW and Audi which is fair recommendation.

His company is Classic Microcars.com His shop is shop @classic cars.com and phone number 01452 300991 I let him know that the construction industry is moving to ethanol proof preformed nylon fuel pipes. Apparently chassis lines on cars are moving to nylon for long life.


Once again thanks to Dan Mitchell for passing on the very important TIP above.