Introductory Guide

Why was the 'MESS' formed

After owning Scimitars for many years I had heard about the Middlebridge version but they were very rarely seen, in fact only three cars were known at all and two were concours examples No 56 and 69 & the other one the Pre Production Prototype. I managed to source and purchase a full spec' car in 2002 when they were still more or less unheard of. While I was re-commisioning my car it became obvious that the marque had been totally neglected since 1992. There had not been a single marque article for 20 + years and there was no marque history at all either. It was during the winter of 2003 that I decided that I wanted to do something to help establish the Middlebridge marque. I decided to create a marque website and to build a unique gallery section that would allow pictures and a write up for each individual car 'as we found them' we started with four cars and now have details on every car made!

What I consider to be the jewel in the crown is the history area that I built from scratch while travelling thousands of miles, meeting many people that were connected with the marque. The history area remains work in progress and a challenge that I still thoroughly enjoy. Soon after the website was created I started meeting up with likeminded people at various drinking locations. We soon started to discuss how to move the marque forward. There was Dr Dan Mitchell, George Sampford and myself . Dan focused his talents on finding more elusive cars for the website, George actually organised all of our initial marque events, I continued with the site build and got magazine coverage of the marque in various Classic Car Magazines. It was at one of our very early meetings that the 'MESS' name was coined. I think it was my idea so blame me, I wanted something memorable and catchy. Hope it worked :) Needless to say the 'MESS' has evolved incredibly over recent years in order to keep pace with the progression of the marque, and what progression, In a short number of years we have progressed from unknown to the Premier Hall at the NEC and have already held a Royal Event to celebrate the marques 25th Anniversary at Gatcombe Park with HRH the Princess Royal. (see previous events).

How is the 'MESS' Middlebridge Enthusiasts Scimitar Set and website Funded?

The Mess is funded entirely by donations from Middlebridge owners and enthusiasts. Hopefully you will find the advice, support and data you receive very valuable and possibly consider supporting the MESS.

If so, please consider a small donation via the Mess donate button below. (we've made it easy, very easy)

Insurance Valuations:

Please see examples within the new owner area.

Parts Supply:

There are two main agents that supply the parts for the Middlebridge Scimitar.

Graham Walker Ltd, Chester, Tel: 01204 01244 381777.

Nigel at Queensbury Road Garage, Kettering, Northants, 01536 513351.

There links to both of the above on this website.

Repair Specialists:

Graham Walker Ltd as detailed above,

Nigel at Queensbury Road Garage as detailed above.

Iain Daniels Classic Motorsport, Unit 17 Barns Heath Farm, Snarestone Road, Appleby Magna, Leic' DE12 7AJ. Tel: 01530 515300.

Advice and Help: