Isle of Wight Charity Classic Car Extravaganza

3rd & 4th September 2022

Location: Isle of Wight

(Report courtesy of Alan Cavendish-Tribe) Bruce & Alison Beauchamp, George & Maggie Sampford, Pete & Marie Humphries, Alan & Sandra Timmis, Paul & Kate Crocker and Alan Cavendish-Tribe ventured overseas to the Isle of Wight to participate in Classic Car Extravaganza on 3rd & 4th September.

This was the 21st annual event supporting two Island-based charities this year - the Isle of Wight Round Table and Mountbatten Hospice. As featured in the islands County Press, the event brings together an eclectic range of classic vehicles (1000+) from all over the UK and Europe, be it vintage, custom, retro and rare cars such as the Middlebridge Scimitar. https://www.countypress.co.uk/news/ 20862471.isle-wight-classic-car-event-ryde-today-tomorrow/

The MESS thoroughly enjoyed the weekend in Ryde, during which we viewed hundreds of interesting cars, most maintained to a high standard and also made some new car enthusiast friends. As often with such trips they don't go off without a hitch. George & Maggie were having an extended camping break after the event arrived to find the caravan that they had securely locked for the journey was very secure, as the keys were left at home, resulting in the need for a locksmith.

MB27 affectionately known as ASBO, decided that following the journey on the high sea (crossing the Solent) the immobiliser would prevent the car starting. (Sea Sickness? Ed.) This caused great embarrassment as the car was in pole position to disembark upon arrival at the Isle of Wight. The car decided to finally start as the tow truck arrived only 2 minutes before the ship was due to return to Portsmouth.

Saturday on the Ryde Esplanade went well, the drivers took the Middlebridges to the show area at 7am to secure a good location and retired to hotel for breakfast. Returning to the cars at 10am it was an amazing sight to see the huge collection that had formed around us. The day concluded with an excellent Indian dinner followed by the Ryde Carnival going past our hotel.

Sunday started with drama in the car park. MB27 was blocked in by a Land Rover. After failing to manoeuvre it, eventually the lady turned up, we were then challenged by MB67 that decided not to start due to a failed earth. Eventually we managed to get four cars to the show, later followed by MB27 'ASBO'. MB67's electrical issue was addressed during the day too giving us a full turn out. As on Saturday the car display was amazing and Sarah Crabtree, TV Personality from Bangers & Cash and now a director and brand ambassador of Evoke Classics, was viewing the cars with the Isle of Wight Mayor. Sarah was judging all the car displays and chose the MESS for the Best Display, awarding us with a can of Duckhams 20/50 engine oil.

Note Picture No 1,2,3, (taken by Bruce Beauchamp) Clearly shows an unlikely tourist hotspot. The 65,000 tonne stricken Aircraft Carrier HMS Prince of Wales had suffered a starboard propeller fault. Very soon, minutes in-fact after this picture was taken she was moved on by tug boats.

Thanks Bruce.

In summary, the amount of interest that the Middlebridges have generated and the really friendly venue, we are all of an opinion that the MESS should include the IoW in the 2023 Programme.

(Pictures Alan Cavendish-Tribe and Bruce Beauchamp)

You can count me in for 2023 and I hope a few more as well. Mick