NEC Lancaster Classic Car Show 2023

November 2023

Location: NEC, Birmingham

Boom! What an event. Once again Bruce knocked it out of the park with another truly awesome marque stand. We were delighted to have HRH, The Princess Royal's Middlebridge on the stand on loan from the Great British Car Journey Museum, I can honestly say, that car alone kept us busy over the three days! Thankfully the car will be on the GBCJ stand next year! Bruce also produced a super banner specifically for the car which many people read along with a Princess Royal cut out that ensured many photo opportunities during the event.

On display were Bruce's lovely 'concours' Porsche Marine Blue car with stunning interior and the trailer hidden behind the banners, (some how but god knows how), but Bruce manages to get the whole Middlebridge stand into his car and trailer!). Next to Bruce is Alan's highly original Renault Electric blue car (ex Dennis Nursey MB CEO's car) that looks awesome and on original paint, next in line is my gold car and finally HRH The Princess Royal's Sapphire Green Pearl car post 35 years of ownership and once again a very highly original car.

Our stand was incredibly busy over the weekend with a few very short but welcomed lulls. Needless to say the Royal car was a major attraction for visitors, YouTube influencers and many professional photographers.

Bruce and Alan's cars also received much attention over the weekend but a real event highlight for me personally was when Alan was speaking with a gentleman (Ian Burgess) who said he used to look after a Middlebridge car and do daily oil, water and fuel checks and service the car at very regular intervals in the Cadburys garage. Alan realised instantly that it was my car he was talking about! Alan urgently beckoned me over and they both updated me, well, what a surprise, I explained about the colour change and he was as shocked and surprised as me, we even opened the bonnet and it all came flooding back to him, he said he loved that car but they were out of reach at that time, he has since purchased a Ford Scorpio which shares the same power and transmission, he is cosseting that with it already garaged for the winter. The gentleman was quite taken back by the sudden re-union and spent much time looking over the car, I too was delighted and asked him to add his signature to the others on my tonneau cover. This really is the magic of the NEC Classic Car Show!

Many thanks to Kohji Nakauchi, (Owner), Middlebridge Group of companies and Dennis Nursey CEO for joining us on the Saturday.

Also joining us on the Saturday were Martin North and his father, it was good to have a chat during the mayhem, We all owe Martin a huge thank you for looking after and updating the Middlebridge website, We already have a few surprises in store for early 2024.

Special Thanks to Richard Usher CEO of the Great British Car Journey for the loan of the car, A huge thank you to Alan Cavendish-Tribe for transporting the Royal car from the GBCJ to the NEC and back again, Once again, another huge thank you to Bruce for designing, creating and erecting another magnificent marque stand and of course for all of the work he does behind the scenes to make it all possible. Next is Will who annually drives the 500 miles each way and is 1st on the stand and one of the last to leave, Will's input and ideas are truly invaluable and we hope he may travel the 500 miles south in his own Middlebridge next year. How can we forget the MESS Co Founder George, Once again George worked his socks off on the stand and delighted us with his own unique brand of banter over the three days 'nuff said me thinks' You all deserve a huge thank you for once again making the 2023 NEC Classic Car Show such a success for the marque once again.